EHS Community Workshops

Our community workshops are offered online! Click on the workshop name below to view the video of your choice. 

Green Cleaning Workshop : Learn about the health and environmental effects of some chemicals found in cleaning products, where to find out more about cleaning products you may use, and how to make your own safer cleaning products. 

Pesticide Workshop Part 1: Health and the Environment: Discusses major classes of pesticides and their health and environmental effects, mechanisms through which pesticides may affect our health, where to learn more about pesticides, and reducing pesticides on your food.

Obesity, the Obesity Epidemic, and Obesogens:  Learn about the world-wide obesity epidemic, how obesity impacts multiple organ systems in our body, and the multiple factors involved in our risk of obesity.  We also discuss obesogens- chemicals that increase susceptibility to weight gain- and how to reduce our exposure to obesogens.

Pesticide  Workshop Part 2: Safer Lawn and Garden CareDiscusses common pesticides used in the home and garden, Integrated Pest Management, tips on healthy lawns without pesticides, and resources for less toxic pest control around the home and garden.

Nutrition and Health WorkshopLearn about healthy nutrition, USDA’s MyPlate Plan, the DASH and Mediterranean Diet, and where to buy fresh local foods. Great website resources throughout the presentation.

Nutrition and the Environment WorkshopLearn about how nutrition can be a protective factor against some pollutants, how to avoid toxicants in our food, information about the Western New York fish advisory, and how to reduce exposure to toxicants in the kitchen.

An Introduction to Chronic Disease WorkshopLearn about the top chronic diseases in the US and Erie County, the multiple factors that influence our susceptibility to a chronic disease, and how to cope with a chronic disease.

Exercise and Health Workshop:  Learn about the new Federal physical activity guidelines, how exercise benefits our physical and mental health, and great local places to exercise outdoors.  We also discuss how to create a personalized physical activity plan that works just for you!

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